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Sunday Worship @ 10:45 am (Childcare for 0 - 4 years)

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Series Title: Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Sun

A brief look at the book of Ecclesiastes

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Sunday morning: January 15, 2017

Message Title: A Perspective on Work under the Sun

by: Dr. T. J. Betts
Scripture Reference: Ecclesiastes 4.4-16
Tags: old testament, ecclesiastes

A Perspective on ________________________ under the Sun (4:4-16) ...

A Perspective on ________________________ under the Sun (4:4-16)

A. Choose _____________ over achievement (4:4-6).

The point is: much achievement is the result of a desire to be _____________________ over others.

A fool is someone who _______________________ God, _______________________ at wisdom, and laughs at eternity.

B. Choose _____________________ over riches (4:7-12).

The Benefits of Having Friends

  1. Friends bring about good results in _______________ (4:9).
  2. Friends pick up one another in _________________ (4:10).
  3. Friends warm one another in a ____________ world (4:11).
  4. Friends hold up one another in _________________ (4:12).

C. Choose ________________ over popularity (4:13-16).