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Series Title: Transformed Living

A brief look at Romans 12

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Sunday morning: December 4, 2016

Message Title: Our Relationship with Ourselves: We Need to be Sober in our Assessment of Ourselves

by: Dr. T. J. Betts
Scripture Reference: Romans 12:3-8
Tags: new testament, epistle, romans
  1. Our relationship with God: we need to be __________________________ to Him (12:1).


  1. Our relationship with God: we need to be __________________________ to Him (12:1).


  1. Our relationship with the World: we need to live __________________________ from the World (12:2).


  1. Our relationship with ourselves: we need to be ________________ in our assessment of ourselves (12:3-8).


  1. Our relationship with believers: we need to be _____________________ one another in love (12:9-13).


  1. Our relationship with nonbelievers: we need to be ________________________ in how we respond to nonbelievers (12:14-21).


Three Questions We All Ask Ourselves:


  1. Who am I? (_________________________)


  1. Where do I belong? (________________________)


  1. What am I supposed to do? (_____________________)


Why is it so Hard to Answer These Questions?


Three Obstacles to Getting Right Answers:


  1. Fear rooted in ___________________________.


  1. Hiding rooted in ___________________________.


  1. Blaming rooted in ___________________________.


God’s Answers:


  1. Who are ______________________? (Rom 12:3)


Warnings about Thinking Wrongly or Inaccurately about Ourselves:


  1. Thinking too highly of oneself leads to an air of __________.


  1. Thinking too lowly of oneself leads to an air of ___________.


How does God think of us?


  1. He recognizes our ______________________ and need for Him (Ps 103:13-14).


  1. Our ______________________________ is beautiful in God’s sight.  He is our designer and maker (Ps 139:13-17).


  1. We are wanted, ________________________ and loved by God (Rom 8:31-32).


  1. We are __________________________ in God’s sight since we have trusted in Christ (Isa 61:10).


  1. We are __________________________ people, equipped by the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s will in our daily lives in a way that pleases Him, regardless of what stage of growth we may be in at the present (Phil 2:13; 4:13; Eph 2:10).


  1. We are ________________ in our relationship with Christ, in our daily safety and well-being, and in our future outlook, whether on earth or in Heaven (Rom 8:39).


The Command:  Think ___________________ about yourself.


  1. Where do we ________________________? (Rom 12:4-5)


Ask not what you can do for the church, but ask what your church can do for you.       ­­­­­­­­____________________!!!


The Reason:  You have a _______________ _________ to fill.


  1. What are we ____________________ to do? (Rom 12:6-8)


The Practice:  Discover and _____________ your spiritual gift.


Never Forget Who You Really Are in Christ


  1. God uniquely created you – you ___________________________ (Ps 139:13-14).


  1. God received you into His family – you are ___________________________ (Eph 3:19-22).


  1. God gifted you to fulfill His purpose – you are ___________________________ (Eph 2:10).