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HHBC is conveniently located 1/2 mile south of Exit 113 on Interstate-64 (map)  

Sunday Worship @ 10:45 am (Childcare for 0 - 4 years)

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Messages recorded during the 10:45 am Sunday Worship Service.  Additional notes for messages can be found below.

Current Series

In Christ: off with the old – on with the new
'God’s Plan for Marriage (Part 2)'
from July 24, 2016
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Sermon Prep - July 24

Last Sunday, we dove headfirst into a difficult text: Ephesians 5.22-33.  If you can read the passage in a detached sort of way, you discover that what Paul is saying is not hard to understand: wives submit; husbands love.  Straightforward.  Not many syllables.  Fairly simple to understand.  Until you lay them over the top of your background and your experiences and your preconceived notions.  And when you consider how the culture thinks about submitting and loving, then things get very challenging.  So, we have to step back and remember that Eph 5.22-33 is the inspired and inerrant and sufficient word of God.  That's why we started at the end - vs 31-33 helps us address vs 22-30 with the right goal(s) in mind.  Vs 31-33 help us remember - like our salvation - our marriages are really not about us.  They are about bringing glory to God.  Our marriages are instituted and ordained to show the world the relationship between Jesus (the Groom) and the church (His bride).  (read more)

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