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Series Title: The covenant continues: The love of God and the legacy of Jacob

A study of the life of Jacob

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Sunday morning: November 22, 2015

Message Title: Children of Jacob: Fathers of Israel

by: Pastor Gary Yochum
Scripture Reference: Genesis 29.31-30.24
Tags: old testament, genesis

Central Thought: Despite our tendency to manipulate our circumstances, God’s purposes prevail. ...

Central Thought: Despite our tendency to manipulate our circumstances, God’s purposes prevail.

I. Leah has four sons (29.31-35)

A. Leah desires Jacob’s true affection (31-34)

B. Leah focuses her gladness on God (35)

II. Bilhah has two sons (30.1-8)

A. Rachel blames Jacob for her barrenness (1-2)

B. Bilhah has two sons (3-8)

III. Leah and Zilpah have more sons (9-21)

A. Leah employs Rachel’s tactics: Zilpah has two sons  (9-13)

B. Rachel trades Jacob’s favors for a chance at babies (14-15)

C. Leah has two sons and a daughter (16-21)

IV. Finally, Rachel has a son (22-24)

Joseph’s birth almost seems anticlimactic – but he will save God’s people from starving.

Revelations about God

  • God is present and active in the midst of conflict and rivalry.
  • God is giver and withholder of life
  • God uses unexpected vessels to accomplish His will
  • God is benevolent and merciful - He sees our circumstances and hears our prayers

Gospel Implications

  • Your worth is not determined by the love of others - but by your relationship with God.
  • Note the sanctify of life principle: God opens wombs and closes wombs.
  • Your circumstances are never outside of God’s concern or God’s reach.
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