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Series Title: David: Pleasing the Heart of God

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Sunday morning: July 27, 2014

Message Title: Defeating giants: fighting the enemies of God, in the power of God, for the glory of God

by: Pastor Gary Yochum
Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 17
Tags: old testament, 1 samuel

Central thought: Every battle is spiritual; we fight in the power of God for the honor of God. ...

Central thought: Every battle is spiritual; we fight in the power of God for the honor of God.

I. Unchanging truths . . .

A. Satan’s warriors are intimidating – we resist intimidation in the power of the Holy Spirit

B. Obedience/faithfulness will put you on front lines of spiritual warfare – don’t miss the hand of Providence

C. Attacks against God’s people are attacks against God let that motivate your courage to stand for His glory

D. Some will see your faithfulness as self-serving – go forward in following Christ

E. Faithfulness & courage will put you in a position to prove the power of God – determine to stand firm

F. When defending your faith choose weapons that fit 
– but do not refuse to engage, be who you are

G. God’s enemies will not defeat God’s people – though Christians die,            death has lost its sting

II. The gospel in 1 Samuel 17

  • Armies on facing mountains – valley between
  • David as shepherd relied on God to “deliver him”
  • David invokes the name of God as protector & victor
  • David’s victory over Goliath took away “reproach”


Be willing to defend the honor of God’s name – Even at great personal risk

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