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We are preparing a photo directory as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of HHBC this year.

Professional photos will be taken on
Tues, May 5th & Wed, May 6th from 2:30 to 8:30 pm

You may schedule your family by visiting this link, or in our church lobby on Sunday mornings

All participants will receive a free 8x10 photo

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Series Title: Are You Saved? Are You Sure?

(A Study of First John)

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Sunday morning: April 26, 2015

Message Title: Following Christ Means Forsaking Sin

by: Pastor Gary Yochum
Scripture Reference: First John 3.4-10
Tags: new testament, epistle, 1 john

abiding in Jesus ...

abiding in Jesus

            Adorning His character          

                        Beholding His glory

                                    Immersing yourself in His life

Make Jesus’ priorities your priorities

Central thought: To be a follower of Christ means to forsake the practice of sin.

II. The gospel draws a clear line of separation between righteousness and sin (7-8)

Saving faith begets righteousness

4 ways to practice righteousness:

  • Desire Christ

  • Despise sin

  • Do the will of God

  • Depend on Christ

Absence of saving faith begets sin

The gospel defeats sin & empowers righteousness

Works of the Devil (revealed in Garden of Eden)

  • Entice you to doubt God
  • Persuade you that God is against you
  • Convince you that you can be your own god
  • Offer lies that seem more attractive than truth
  • Persuade you to run from God
  • Result in separation from God

Experiencing victory over the devil’s works:

  • Abide in truth & avoid deception (1 Jn 2.26-27)
  • Trust God’s way of escape from temptation (1 Cor 10.13)
  • Claim conquering promises of God’s word (Rom 8.31-39)

III. True conversion is self-proving (9-10)

  • To be born of God is to die of sin
  • Who you are is made evident by how you live


  1. Don’t be defeated by lingering struggle with certain sins Confess and repent; keep fighting in power of Holy Spirit
  2. Obey the command: let no one deceive you How avoid deceit?  abide in Christ, trust the gospel to be true
  3. Use this passage to confront sinners claiming to be saints (see also Mark 4 - parable of the sower)

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