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Series Title: Making it real: crossing the bridge from hearing to doing

Practical Christianity from the Book of James

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Sunday morning: April 6, 2014

Message Title: Praying: how the church wages war against suffering, sickness and sin, part 2
by: Pastor Gary Yochum
Scripture Reference: James 5.13-18
Tags: new testament, epistle, james

Central thought: Prayer is the power of God in the hearts and hands of the righteous. (audio NOT available) ...

Central thought: Prayer is the power of God in the hearts and hands of the righteous. (audio NOT available)

I. Prayer is an essential work in the church (13-16)

A. Prayer is appropriate for all circumstances (13-14)

B. God is moved by faith-filled praying (15-16)

C. The greatest need of prayer is always grace (16)


            admit your sin

                        say same thing about it as God does

                                       call it what it is

Confession is linked to praying for healing in 2 ways:

    1) Because sickness can be the direct result of sin

    2) Because all sickness reminds us sin is still active in the world

Righteousness is linked to powerful, effective praying

II. Effective praying is grounded in knowing the (general) will of God (17-18)

Consider Elijah:

  • Not divine
  • Righteous man
  • Prayed fervently
  • Prayed, trusting God to answer         
  • Had a sense of God’s will


  • Confess your sins so others can pray for you
  • Pursue a life of righteousness
  • Discipline yourself to study about God 

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