Women's Events Postponed One Week

Our March Women's events have each been postponed one week due to the heavy snowfall

  • Women's Fellowship is now Sat, Mar 14th @ 8:30 am
  • Women's Work-day at Choices for Women is now Sat, Mar 21st @ 9:00 am

Our mission is to:

Learn God’s word

Love God’s people

Live for God’s glory

HHBC is conveniently located 1/2 mile south of Exit 113 on Interstate-64 (map)  

Sunday Worship @ 10:45 am (Childcare for 0 - 4 years)

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Series Title: Are You Saved? Are You Sure?

(A Study of First John)

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Sunday morning: March 1, 2015

Message Title: One Lord, One Journey, Different Stages of Maturity

by: Pastor Gary Yochum
Scripture Reference: First John 2.12-14
Tags: new testament, epistle, 1 john

Central Thought: Every believer can be assured because of the promises that extend from being saved ...

Central Thought: Every believer can be assured because of the promises that extend from being saved

I. One common trait in all believers:

    Every believer is saved by grace through faith

II. Three classifications of spiritual maturity

  • Children/Little Children:  forgiveness & family
  • Young Men:  empowerment over sin & Satan
  • Fathers:  long record of faithful obedience

III. Four characteristics for encouragement





IV. Apply

    Be encouraged because the gospel is true and powerful

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