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Series Title: David: Pleasing the Heart of God

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Sunday morning: October 26, 2014

Message Title: Displeasing God: The destructive nature of sin

by: Pastor Gary Yochum
Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 11
Tags: old testament, 2 samuel

Central Thought: Sin is anything that displeases God ...

Central Thought: Sin is anything that displeases God

I. Choices have consequences (1-5)

Three bad choices:

  • David did not go to war with his army
  • David did not look away from Bathsheba
  • David did not resist temptation

Three ways that choices matter:

  • How we spend our time
  • What we look at with our eyes
  • How we respond to temptation

II. There is no shield from accountability (6-13)

III. Cover-up only makes it worse (14-25)

IV. Sin always displeases God (26-27)

Gospel Implications

Temptation is not sin – acting on it is (2-4)

Self denial portrays the gospel;

   Self-gratification portrays the world (6-13)

Following orders does not excuse sin (14-25)

   God’s law is always the higher authority

God’s grace in sparing David illustrates

            God’s grace for every sinner (26-27)

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