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Messages recorded during the 10:45 am Sunday Worship Service. 

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Series Title: Special Messages

Messages given on special occasions or not associated with any particular sermon series

Date: January 1, 2012

Message Title: Finishing the race: fighting obstacles & following Jesus

Scripture Reference: Hebrews 12.1-3



Central Point: Finishing the race involves the intentional activity of fighting obstacles & following Jesus

I. Enduring means fighting obstacles while following Jesus

   A. The Christian life is a marathon – the goal is to finish

   B. Jesus is our model and He overcame much to endure

II. Keeping God in your sights for the sake of enduring

III. Enduring is enhanced by planning

    A. Let the Cloud of Witnesses be your allies for enduring

            1. Who is my most-encouraging Bible hero? (other than Jesus)

                Read about him/her; learn in order to imitate their endurance

            2. What Christian(s) do I admire most? (not a biblical character)

                Someone who consistently follows hard after Jesus

                Why do I admire his/her faith? 

                How can I learn about enduring from him/her?

    B. Take measured and intentional steps to lay aside weights and sin

            1. What is impeding my progress?     - demands on my time;     - desires of my heart

                a. Matters that aren’t sinful, but are hindering my growth (relationships, daily habits, economics)

                b. What sin(s) cause me the most trouble? (focus on 1 or 2)

            2. Hints to help me battle sin in my life: (think “attitude” first)

                a. Identify obvious sin(s) & engage in immediate steps to stop

                b. Remember that lasting change occurs from the inside-out

                c. For long term effect: focus on my heart and my mind 

            3. Spend time reflecting on above items; seek input from others