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Messages recorded during the 10:45 am Sunday Worship Service. 

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Series Title: Special Messages

Messages given on special occasions or not associated with any particular sermon series

Date: June 19, 2011

Message Title: Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Scripture Reference: Matthew 1 and 2



I. Studying Joseph to learn about godliness

               Honorable . . . Devout . . . Obedient

II. Studying Joseph to learn about

  • Can’t think about Jesus without remembering Joseph
  •  Joseph’s response to Jesus invites others to respond
  • Living under God’s guidance testifies about Jesus

III. Studying Joseph to learn how to be a godly father

  • Godly fathers love God more than their reputation
  • Practices of godly fathers testifies to love for God
  • Godly fathers obey God – even when it costs them