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Messages recorded during the 10:45 am Sunday Worship Service. 

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Series Title: Special Messages

Messages given on special occasions or not associated with any particular sermon series

Date: July 3, 2011

Message Title: The greatness of America and the glory of God: Trusting in chariots & horses has never been God’s pl

Scripture Reference: Isaiah 55


Main Idea: America is great; God's glory is greater ...

Main Idea: America is great; God’s glory is greater

Challenge: Hope for America; Hope in God

I. Trusting in God: Answering God’s invitation to come and be rescued

  • God beckons those who are distant to draw near (1-3a)
  • God promises those who come will be honored in the end (3b-5)
  • God offers pardon only to those who “forsake” sin (6-9)
  • God does not make idle promises – His word is sure (10-11)
  • God’s promises are staked on God’s reputation (12-13)

II. Trusting in God: living in light of our true hope

  • Don’t trust in might or money
  • A covenant with God is more important than our constitution
  • Trust in grace as we renounce sin
  • Reserve confidence for a sovereign God
  • Anchor our hope in God’s love for His own reputation