Advice for Androids

Having used my new smart phone for several weeks, I thought I'd pass along a few things I've learned. Though I'd like to narrow some of my suggestions down to one, I've not been using it long enough to make a definitive choice, but have narrowed it down to two in most cases. I'm also a "cheap-skate" which means I don't like to pay for something unless I have to, especially if it's available a no cost.

(I'm not showing links to these applications since they can easily be found using the "App Market" on the Android to download and install them)

Bible Reading - I've been reading/studying from the ESV (English Standard Version) lately, so that translation is a pre-requisite. Most seem to allow you to highlight passages, set bookmarks, and set up and use reading plans.

  • Bible by YouVersion (Free) - Provides the ESV at no additional cost and loads up almost instantly since you pre-download the translations
  • by Faith Comes By Hearing (Free) - Also provides the ESV at no additional cost, and will read it aloud for you! However, this comes at the price of having to wait for it to download the text which is stored online.

Games - Things to keep me (or my children) occupied when we're waiting...

  • Angry Birds (Free) - This addictive game has you lofting birds by a slingshot to knock down structures.

Shopping - Application to make it easier to create shopping lists AND update them while at the store. My wife also has an Android, so I was wanting an application that would share the list across the "network" and didn't require me to call home for last minute list additions.

  • Our Groceries (Free) - A simple list (or lists) and Recipe program
  • Shopper - Shopping (Free) - Also provides ability to share individual lists and categorize them by aisle.

Program Launchers - Most phones come with a fair home screen/program launcher. In fact, each company has their own that while similar, has its own flavor.

  • Smart Taskbar (Free) - UNLIKE other program launchers, this one is called up by touching an area at the side of the screen. What I like is it allows you to categorize programs instead of having to search through the entire list. It also gives you access to running tasks (just because the application screen isn't showing doesn't mean it isn't still running). This program will NOT take the place of a Home Screen launcher program, but is a great supplement.
  • Launcher Pro (Free or pay for more features) - Considered the "best" as it adds features to the standard launchers. You'll need to purchase the "Pro" version to have access to all the features, but they may not be needed.

Office - a program to view and possibly edit word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF files.

  • QuickOffice (Free Viewer, pay to add editing feature) -
  • DocumentsToGo (Free Viewer, pay to add editing feature) -

Banking/Finance -

PC/Desktop Interface - Being able to access you Android on your PC

Utilities -

Calendar -

File Manager -


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