From the Tech Guy

What I've been working on...

Lately I've been keeping very busy with programming the "next" version of ExponentCMS that should become visible here later this year (if all goes well). Our site currently uses a heavily modified version 0.98 of ExponentCMS. All of my modifications are publically available as that version of the code is no longer being actively maintained (except by me?). (read more)

Advice for Androids

Having used my new smart phone for several weeks, I thought I'd pass along a few things I've learned. Though I'd like to narrow some of my suggestions down to one, I've not been using it long enough to make a definitive choice, but have narrowed it down to two in most cases. I'm also a "cheap-skate" which means I don't like to pay for something unless I have to, especially if it's available a no cost. (read more)

Worship Projection for the Ceiling Challenged - Part 3

In this third and final article, I'll discuss some minor challenges we overcame during the installation and implementation of using projection during our worship services.  It would be nice to believe that after all the time spent in paving the way and in preparation, we'd be almost finished, which is partially true.  The real gut-wrencing part is yet to come. (read more)

I'm now an Android!

Actually, what I mean is that I've finally taken the plunge into the smart phone world of Android.  Let me relay my experience and give you a few comments. (read more)

DreamHost - free hosting for non-profits

Web either love them or get frustrated by them. We recently had to make a decision about switching host providers. Though we've had years of great service from ChristianWebHost, we had some problems last year and also needed to upgrade from obsolete PHP v4. However, that required losing the ability to have a shell (command line) account unless we upgraded to a more expensive package. Needless to say, the search for a possible alternate was like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. (read more)

Worship Projection for the Ceiling Challenged - Part 2

In the first article I discussed our seven (7) year journey to begin using projection in our worship services. It's hard to believe it took us six (6) years to actually put the idea into action. But we did get started and in this article I'll discuss our active preparation for the projection project to include selection of equipment. (read more)

Worship Projection for the Ceiling Challenged

Now that we're on the completed side of implementing projector use in our worship services, I can breathe a sigh of relief. This was a MAJOR project; especially since we were willing to trade our own time and sweat so we might spend our cash on equipment and not consultation fees. There were also several nay-sayers who said it couldn't be done with our limited (ceiling) space and small group of "traditionally-minded" members. Never-the-less, after nearly seven (7) years since the initial planning stages, we've arrived! (read more)

Systems at HHBC

To give you an idea of what "systems" are used at our church... (read more)

Welcome to the new Tech Blog

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord AND Savior, Jesus Christ and welcome. I've finally decided to put the result of eight years of blood, sweat, and tears out there for use by others to prevent their having to pave that same gruesome trail. (read more)