What I've been working on...

Lately I've been keeping very busy with programming the "next" version of ExponentCMS that should become visible here later this year (if all goes well). Our site currently uses a heavily modified version 0.98 of ExponentCMS. All of my modifications are publically available as that version of the code is no longer being actively maintained (except by me?).

ExponetCMS 2.0 has been available in a pre-release form for over a year, and is steadily progressing to the point of release later this year. I've dove in and helped coding it, and since that point we've released a beta1 and beta1.1 version and will release a beta2 after Easter. If you want to see it at work try visiting www.harrisonhills.org/exp2/ which may or may not be fully functional at times. The code for both versions is available at https://github.com/exponentcms

I've also recently migrated our Baptist Association's website www.seindianabaptist.org to a new webhost provider?DreamHost, which is the one we use. This was a very smooth transition and by accessing the "code" available on GitHub, made the transition even easier.


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