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That Room is the:

Office Pastors Study Work Room General Purpose Room Older Childrens Classroom Older Childrens Classroom Library Womens Restroom Mens Restroom Youth Pastors Study Nursery Nursery Lobby Baptistry Younger Childrens Classroom Younger Childrens Classroom Women's Classroom 150 seat worship area Platform & Choir Loft Kitchen Mop Closet Restroom Baptismal Prepration Room Baptismal Preparation Room Foyer Foyer Hallway Hallway Parking Lot Main Covered Entryway Rear Covered Entryway Womens Restroom Mens Restroom Student Classroom Storage Room Couples II Classroom Couples III Classroom Couples IV Classroom Men's Classroom Fellowship Hall/Conference Room

We also have a large Picnic Shelter with a fireplace to the east of the building.