We are a family of faith nurturing gospel-centered relationships. We spend time together. We eat together once a month. We have fun together. We encourage one another to run the race. We sacrifice for one another, willing to be inconvenienced. We love and serve one another in practical ways. We stir one another toward love and good deeds. We practice hospitality.


A caring community is built not on programs but on relationships. The church is the place God has designed that we establish and nurture fellowship with one another.  True fellowship requires that we love each other from the heart.  Caring relationships flowing from genuine faith are demonstrated with expressions of sincere sacrifice and love. Love means that we run to help and serve each other.


A caring community is a community that loves. God is the source, fountain, and spring of love.  Love is central.  God designs his church so that each member will give concern, care and love for each other. This means that no one gets left out or left behind. There is to be mutual love, concern and empathy for all.  A caring community is designed by God with each member having an indispensable part.  God adds to his church to grow and strengthen his church.  Every member is to serve in the way God has gifted them.


We are partners in the gospel of Christ. It is the gospel that unites us. We are gospel partners for the glory of Christ. As a faith community we are a collection of living stones that God has placed together. Our union with Jesus is both the root and fruit of fellowship with one another. The Christian walk is to be not just individual and private but corporate and public. We walk together

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