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Various resources used at HHBC or on this website.

FAPGuard 7000 Windows Sidebar Gadget v0.6

From "Misc Files"
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Simple gadget to monitor Hn7000S modem. Displays status, bandwidth remaining, signal level, time to full, and when undocked displays SW ver, SAN, Serial #, Site ID, & NAT IP, Flyout explains status and allows easy modem reset. Colorful icons quickly show bandwidth and signal status.

- v0.6 changes name to FAPGuard 7000 to differentiate from gadget for HN9000.  Cleans up formatting of help screen.
- v0.5 corrects display when FAP'd
- v0.4 cleans up display w/ Vista sidebar and corrects some display formatting errors.
- v0.3 adds modem status and link to open modem page.
- v0.2 changes level for "orange" status, also prevents wrapping when Full

Syntax Highlighter Plugin v1.2 for CKEditor v3

From "Misc Files"
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This is a plugin for CKEditor to better enable the use of Syntaxhighlighter v2.1.382.  Instructions are in the Readme.txt file.  You can download Syntaxhighlighter v2.1.382 here

PowerPoint AutoScreenSize v1.1

From "Misc Files"
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A PowerPoint (XP-2010) add-in to automatically set the size of new presentations.  Includes accessible source code in ppt & pptm formats. 

At HHBC we display slides in the 16:10 widescreen format, so this add-in makes it easy to start out with the correct size.

Original code by Stephen Rindsberg/PPTools,

CKEditor in dhtmlxScheduler Sample

From "Misc Files"
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Here is a sample using dhtmlxScheduler with the WYSIWYG editor, CKEditor

Virtualbox Monitor Windows Sidebar Gadget v1.4b

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(fixed) A modified version of the windows gadget to monitor Oracle VirtualBox virtual machines.  This version (1.4 allows it to work with VirtualBox v4.0 or later.  Not all features are functional (cpu readout) or tested (remote console).  Cpu usage working in v1.4a.  v1.4b fixes problem loading as a gadget.

SongSheet - Convert MS Cues to Song Sheets

From "MediaShout"
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This is a MS Word Template (XP - 2010) which takes a MediaShout script and creates a Word file with a list of cues and various selectiable information about the cues.  It can be used to create song sheets or other information sheets about an MS script.

Includes an installer.  This version is updated to work with MediaShout v4+.  It should work with any version of MS Word from XP onward, and MediaShout is NOT required.  The file is not protected so the code may be viewed or edited.

Original file available at

Autostart MediaShout4 - AutoIt Source Code

From "MediaShout"
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This is the AutoIt source code/script for the AutoStart MediaShout4 utility.

AutoIt can be found at

Autostart MediaShout4

From "MediaShout"
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A small utility to run MediaShout and then attempt to automatically display the first cue.

This version is updated to work with MediaShout v4+.  Original script (c) R. Noar , Inc.

This is a compiled AutoIt script

CUE2PPT - Convert MediaShout Cues to PowerPoint Slides

From "MediaShout"
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This small utility uses MediaShout and PowerPoint to convert MS cues in to PPT slides.

This version (1.1) is updated to work with MediaShout v4+ and PowerPoint 2007/2010.  The original script can be found at

This is a compiled AutoIt script

CUE2PPT - AutoIt Source Code

From "MediaShout"
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This is the AutoIt source code/script for the CUE2PPT utility.

AutoIt can be found at