Prayer demonstrates that we are dependent on God. Prayer reveals our need for him. We are needy people. We will love each other, and we will show that love by praying for each other.  Each Wednesday night we gather to seek God and ask for his power and work in our lives and his church.

Weekly Prayer Meeting & Bible Study


  • 6:30 pm - Prayer Meeting and Bible Study

Prayer Chain

We use an (e-)mail list to get our people praying quickly for needs within or known by the body. Each request is forwarded to all mailing list subscribers.

Submit a prayer need, praise or answered prayer to the prayer list

If you would like to become a part of the prayer chain at Harrison Hills, you can subscribe to the mailing list to receive each prayer request.

Rules of Conduct:

  1. All subscription requests must be approved by a list moderator. You must be a member of Harrison Hills to subscribe to the list, since this list may deal with sensitive or private information and we are obligated to protect our church body.
  2. All prayer requests must be approved by a list moderator before they are forwarded to the prayer chain.
    • Prayer requests are not limited to subscribers, anyone may submit a prayer request
    • Approved requests will be sent to the entire prayer chain, so information should be limited to that which is which is acceptable to share with the church body.
  3. Each request must glorify God. Evil Reports will not be propagated.
    • Messages should deal with prayer requests, answered prayer, praises, and the like; it is NOT for gossip!
    • When praying for non-members, you should also include whether or not the person is known to be a believer of Jesus Christ. This is the first and most important prayer need for a lost person!

If you have any questions, comments, or problems with the Prayer Chain, please e-mail us.