Sunday School

Held every Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 am

We have a time of fellowship with coffee and goodies from 9:00 to 9:25 am each Sunday morning.

Small Groups Ministry – Sunday School

A church is built of people, not bricks. Likewise, our Sunday School is built of small groups of people, not classrooms, and it is our primary means of Outreach and Fellowship. Sunday School is the action arm of Harrison Hills Baptist Church! Each small group focuses on building personal relationships and reaching others for Christ through Bible Study and Fellowship. It is through these small groups we build lasting personal relationships with each other and share Jesus. It is also how we actively work to reach our community and bring others in. Each Sunday School group is made up of people like you, or of those in a similar stage of life as you. Please come and visit one of our small groups.

Children's Classes


Our Children's Sunday School classes use curriculum from Lifeway.


Birth to 3 years old

  • Teacher - Tina Grant
  • Room - Nursery

Preschool to Age 7

Ages 4 to 7

  • Teacher - Vickie Wright
  • Room - Preschool

Children Ages 8 to 11

Ages 8 to 11

  • Teacher - Bonnie Erickson
  • Room - 102/103

Youth Class


Our Youth Sunday School class uses curriculum from Lifeway.


7th to 12th grade and College

  • Teacher - Mike Carr
  • Room - 204, 205, & 206

Adult Classes


Our Adult Sunday School classes use curriculum from Lifeway.

Couples II

designed for working Couples

  • Teacher - Dave Leffler
  • Room - 106

Couples III

designed for working Couples

  • Teacher - Leroy Beach
  • Room - 107

Couples IV

designed for Couples over 55 years of age

  • Teacher - Harold Weaber
  • Room - 104

Adult Women

designed for unaccompanied Women age 35 and older

  • Teacher - Diana Perez
  • Room - 203

Adult Men

designed for unaccompanied Men age 35 and older

  • Teacher - Jim Horton
  • Room - 109