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This page and its sub-pages carry information about various aspects of this website and other technology used at Harrison Hills Baptist Church.

All information and resources found here are freely provided for your use, but carry no guarantee and should be used at your own risk.

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August 2018 Updates #2

We've updated the mass mailing software to v11.1.2. (read more)

August 2018 Updates

We are currently running Exponent v2.4.3 released just moments ago and also updated the mass mailing software to v11.1.0. (read more)

July 2018 Updates - Now HTTP2!

On July 25th we switched to http2 or a secure site using https:// protocol. We are currently running Exponent v2.4.2patch7. (read more)

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Recent Posts from 'From the Tech Guy'

What I've been working on...

Lately I've been keeping very busy with programming the "next" version of ExponentCMS that should become visible here later this year (if all goes well). Our site currently uses a heavily modified version 0.98 of ExponentCMS. All of my modifications are publically available as that version of the code is no longer being actively maintained (except by me?). (read more)

Advice for Androids

Having used my new smart phone for several weeks, I thought I'd pass along a few things I've learned. Though I'd like to narrow some of my suggestions down to one, I've not been using it long enough to make a definitive choice, but have narrowed it down to two in most cases. I'm also a "cheap-skate" which means I don't like to pay for something unless I have to, especially if it's available a no cost. (read more)

Worship Projection for the Ceiling Challenged - Part 3

In this third and final article, I'll discuss some minor challenges we overcame during the installation and implementation of using projection during our worship services.  It would be nice to believe that after all the time spent in paving the way and in preparation, we'd be almost finished, which is partially true.  The real gut-wrencing part is yet to come. (read more)

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Recent Tech Downloads

Various resources used at HHBC or on this website.

CUE2PPT - AutoIt Source Code

From "MediaShout"
File Size: 7.49 kb, 1475 Downloads, 0 Comments

This is the AutoIt source code/script for the CUE2PPT utility.

AutoIt can be found at

CUE2PPT - Convert MediaShout Cues to PowerPoint Slides

From "MediaShout"
File Size: 332.43 kb, 1761 Downloads, 0 Comments

This small utility uses MediaShout and PowerPoint to convert MS cues in to PPT slides.

This version (1.1) is updated to work with MediaShout v4+ and PowerPoint 2007/2010.  The original script can be found at

This is a compiled AutoIt script

Virtualbox Monitor Windows Sidebar Gadget v1.4b

File Size: 591.36 kb, 1366 Downloads, 0 Comments

(fixed) A modified version of the windows gadget to monitor Oracle VirtualBox virtual machines.  This version (1.4 allows it to work with VirtualBox v4.0 or later.  Not all features are functional (cpu readout) or tested (remote console).  Cpu usage working in v1.4a.  v1.4b fixes problem loading as a gadget.

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