We exalt God and honor Christ as Lord as we gather each week. Every Sunday morning at 10:45, we gather together to worship. At Harrison Hills Baptist Church, we believe that worship means putting Jesus Christ first in all we do - continually, moment by moment, every day, in personal worship. The culmination of personal worship happens through regular, corporate worship with a local body of believers.

Our worship shows our dependence on God. This worship time includes preaching, singing, praying, giving, testifying, baptism, and communion.

As a group, we sing songs that honor Jesus Christ, share His Word, and focus on Him as we seek to glorify God and edify the Body.

We believe in family worship – all ages and all cultures worshiping in unity.

We practice a blended worship style that promotes unity within a diverse group.

Worship Resources

Here you will find resources for personal worship and discipleship. The music listed below is theologically rich and Christ-centered. We draw many of our congregational songs from these artists. You will also find books on worship and the arts designed to help shape one's thinking around a biblical view of worship - a lifestyle of praise to God on the terms that he proposes and makes possible through the blood of Christ. Finally, if you desire to learn some of the basics of musical theory or how to read music, web-based resources are included below.

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